Trance Goa

About This Project

Ohm Mind Project started out in 2008, with composer Jeremy Cambon.

After teaching himself how to play the guitar, he started a metal/rock band — “Watts” — with a couple of friends. This project, however, never truly saw the light of day.

In 2007, he started his adventures through the broad spectrum of electronic music and Goa Trance, with all its spacey and futuristic sounds which soon drew his attention.
Jeremy and his friends truly discovered real Goa Trance in the 90’s, while listening to the many dj-mixes being played on the site called

The foundation of his electronic music production skills soon came to be about using Fruity Loops. After a few experimental creation, he decided to work with N-Tone and Dub-François Chautemps, completing his team as sound engineers. Thanks to the creative insight and skills they brought to the table, Jeremy eventually found his own signature, his own style.

In 2014, he started performing his sets live. People were able to see him in action during the many High Frequencies nights and Dance for Life events that were held in Brussels that summer.

— Le spécialiste en Belgique des instruments de musique électronique et du matériel de studio, DJ & sonorisation —