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About This Project

Pole Folder knows good club music. As one of Belgium’s top electronic musicians and DJs, this Brussels-based artist has consistently lit up dance music since 2001 when he led Europe’s early progressive house scene. Since then his evolution has seen him crowned Belgium’s Best DJ (2010), dazzle audiences with an impressive, multi-instrument live show, and build a family of talented electronic music producers via his highly respected label, Reworck.
It is his dedication to quality electronic music and his exploration of new sounds that has seen Pole Folder become one of Belgium’s most popular DJs. Today his sound covers everything from melodic techno to heavy house, deep soulful grooves and moving breakbeat pieces, as epitomised by the openness of his imprint. As Reworck approaches its 22nd release, the label has proven itself to be an eclectic home for exciting European talent with collaborations from artists such as Sven Jaeger, Marquez Ill, Ryan Davis, Amine Edge, Paronator or Oliver Schories to name a few. (…)

— Le spécialiste en Belgique des instruments de musique électronique et du matériel de studio, DJ & sonorisation —